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Share your movies with your friends.

What is Kiioni about.

Share your movies with your friends.
Anywhere. Anytime. Legal.

People love watching movies. And people love sharing.
Kiioni lets you share your uploaded movies with your friends - online.
Easy. Free. And 100% lawful.

Our vision for the future.

Create a market place where you can buy movies at a fair price.
Share your purchased movies with your friends.
And resell your purchased movies to other users.

How it works.

It's easy. Just like borrowing DVDs from your friends. But online.

Sign up and log into your account. (Please enter all required details truthfully, otherwise it could get hard to connect with your friends.)

Connect with your buddies by searching for their phone number or email address and adding them to your friends' list.

Do not miss anything and take a look through your friends' movie database. Found a good movie? Borrow your favorite movie for 24 hours.

Upload your own movies. Complimentary 10 GB are available for uploads.
Best thing is: You can upload other videos, too, and share them with your buddies. Got a vid of your bro getting punked, but you just want to share with your friends? Put it on Kiioni.

Ok, I got it. But why should it be legal.

Kiioni allows you to share movies only with friends.

It is not possible to download movies, with Kiioni you can only stream them. Every copy can be shared with up to 3 friends at once. All copies are stored on our servers just for your personal use. No one else is getting access to your movie database – just you and your friends. It is technically impossible to use or copy your uploads for a commercial use. And it is forbidden for you to use it commercially.

It is possible to share movies within the fair use. With Kiioni you fully fulfill the requirements of international copyright laws. Just as if you would borrow a DVD from your friends physically.

And if you care about what happens with your personal data: With our commitment to the German Federal Data Protection Act we fulfill all data protection requirements in one of the strictest data security countries in the world.

Not sure about how trustworthy Kiioni is? As a German company based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, we guarantee German quality for our work.

How much is it.


Our basic account is totally free*.

You get 10 GB of storage and you can upload as many files as you want. With no restriction watching them as often as you want.

*Somehow, we have to make some money, this is why you will see some commercials before a borrowed movie starts.


Xtra Storage


extra 50 GB storage
can be added multiple times



no advertisements

Full HD


stream in Full HD (1080p)
only available for movies which are uploaded in this resolution

These Add-ons can be added separately and can be terminated with a notice period of 4 weeks.

Where can I sign up.

We are currently running our Kickstarter campaign, where you can be part of our beta phase. Shortly after the campaign completed with success, you are able to register on Kiioni.

Support Kiioni and get our add-ons at exceptional prices:

Xtra Storage 10, 25 or 50 GB
free for life

Ad-Free for 12 or 24 months

Full HD* for 12 or 24 months

*only available for movies which are uploaded in this resolution

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Kiioni Team.


Founder and visionary


Co-founder and developer


Co-founder and German qualified attorney

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